How long should I go for?

//Short - Up to 6 weeks//
Sometimes our long term missionaries can use help to meet a specific need or push a ministry forward. In a short time you can have lasting impact! Use your vacation, summer break or transition time to serve alongside long term missionaries. You’ll gain valuable first hand cross cultural experience and every short term mission experience is an opportunity to see God at work, in Europe, and in you.

//Shortish - 2 to 6 months//
Those coming for a little longer will find that over a surprisingly short time you’ll be able to share your life with others, support the local church and ministry and be an example of what it means to live for Jesus. Over several months you’ll get a deeper sense of the work, and of how God might use your passion and gifts to serve him cross culturally!

//Not so short - 7 months to 2 years//
If you are considering long term cross cultural ministry but aren’t sure where or what; 1-2 years will give you the chance to explore more deeply what God has for you in the country you are considering and develop a richer understanding of what is most needed in the situations you may serve in. You might need to continue further studies to prepare for the future, and serving short term will help inform and focus the next stage of preparations and study.