Share God's heart for Europe

Short Term mission for long term impact
See God at work, in Europe, and in you

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Covid has not stopped mission!
If you are interested in serving in Europe, 
we’d love to start the conversation with you. 
There are also lots of opportunities for supporting ministry in Europe from your own home, so please get in contact for more information.

Gracias por tu interés en misión en Europe y en servir a corto plazo con la Misión Cristian Europea. Somos una misión internacional, así que toda nuestra información sobre las oportunidades disponibles se publica en Inglés. Sin embargo si no estás cómodo con el inglés, ningún problema! Sigue esta enlace para ponerte en contacto con la oficina que mejor te puede ayudar.

How will you use your vacation? Summer break? Gap year?
See the needs and opportunities in Europe for yourself and hear what God has to say to you!

Short term can be anywhere from 2 days to 2 years. Serve alongside our long term missionaries and help share God’s love with people who don’t know Jesus. We’ll walk alongside you as you do.

  • Feel the needs and opportunities for yourself.
  • Experience cross cultural ministry and
  • Explore how God can use you in mission. 

We're excited to invest in you as you serve together with us.

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Short Term Stories

Snippets from Sarah in Slovenia

Story Sarah in Slovenia.pngmartes 16 junio 2020 14:05 Surviving lockdown in Ljubljana, Slovenia I’m sure none of us really foresaw what the world was going to be like. Personally I knew it was serious but I hoped, maybe naively, that it would blow ... Leer más

An Aussie on SHORT TERM MISSION in Ireland

Aussie in Ireland (1).pngmiércoles 09 octubre 2019 13:56 Ross spent a year in Ireland, being part of the church and reaching out into the community, taking each opportunity to walk alongside and bring Jesus to people, some of who had never met a Christian. Hear his reflections, having returned home to Australia, on how Short Term mission has shaped him. Leer más

Short Term Teams help start a new Ministry Point in Spain

Summer team in Spain.pngmartes 20 noviembre 2018 15:13 Peter & Kate have moved to Azuaga, Spain two years ago. A team from their home church came before they even moved in, and returned 2 years later. Peter & Kate share how a short term team has impacted their long term work. Leer más

Short Terms options in Europe

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