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Short Term Stories

Launching NZ Mission Internship

heather-morse-dtYKY3uSjUk-unsplash.jpgmercredi 28 juillet 2021 15:41 In a year like this, one would normally not recommend the launching of new initiatives, much less those involving travelling or long-term planning. However, missions seldom advance according to human expectations or timing and, when God opens a door, all that it takes is a courageous faith to jump through it. Continuer la lecture

Not stopped by COVID-19

Not stopped - Bulgaria.pngmercredi 24 février 2021 10:29 Reflections on a short-term mission trip to Bulgaria in early 2020. Continuer la lecture

Snippets from Sarah in Slovenia

Story Sarah in Slovenia.pngmardi 16 juin 2020 14:05 Surviving lockdown in Ljubljana, Slovenia I’m sure none of us really foresaw what the world was going to be like. Personally I knew it was serious but I hoped, maybe naively, that it would blow ... Continuer la lecture