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Short Term Stories

Not stopped by COVID-19

Not stopped - Bulgaria.pngwoensdag 24 februari 2021 10:29 Reflections on a short-term mission trip to Bulgaria in early 2020. lees verder

Snippets from Sarah in Slovenia

Story Sarah in Slovenia.pngdinsdag 16 juni 2020 14:05 Surviving lockdown in Ljubljana, Slovenia I’m sure none of us really foresaw what the world was going to be like. Personally I knew it was serious but I hoped, maybe naively, that it would blow ... lees verder

An Aussie on SHORT TERM MISSION in Ireland

Aussie in Ireland (1).pngwoensdag 09 oktober 2019 13:56 Ross spent a year in Ireland, being part of the church and reaching out into the community, taking each opportunity to walk alongside and bring Jesus to people, some of whom had never met a Christian. Hear his reflections, having returned home to Australia, on how short-
term mission has shaped him. lees verder