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Short Term Stories

Short Term Gain

jeshoots-com-mSESwdMZr-A-unsplash.jpgTuesday 15 November 2022 13:20 How does short-term missions impact those who go as well as those who receive them? full story

A true life changing experience

STM Stories. Leah in Ireland 2022Thursday 15 September 2022 13:47 Leah Houston has spent four weeks serving in Ferrybank, Waterford, Ireland. This missionary experience has helped her grow in her understanding of the Church, missions, and God. read here how she shares her experience serving with ECM in Europe. full story

Equipping the next generation

STM Stories.pngThursday 08 September 2022 11:26 At ECM we are passionate about equipping and investing into the lives and calling of the next generation. ´╗┐That is why we have short-term opportunities in Europe for those who want to explore the missions calling in their life.
Read here the story of Dominik, an ECM short-termer in Germany. full story